Evorie Premium Cotton Baby Dry Wipes| Make-up remover wipe| Household cleaning

Soft and Comfortable

Made of premium cotton fiber. Ultra light-weight, smooth and absorbent. Simply add water to show it from dry to moist wipes. 10 occasions lighter to convey for journey than a pack of moist wipes.

Safe and Healthy

Say goodbye to pores and skin and nostril allergic reactions. Evorie premium cotton Baby dry wipes is unscented and has no added chemical, preservatives or fluorescent agent, making it secure for delicate pores and skin and at the same time as oral wipes.

Soft, Gentle & Lint-Free

Evorie premium cotton Baby dry wipes is smooth and mild to the touch, leaving no residue on pores and skin throughout and after Cleaning. Perfect to be used as make-up removing and for toner utility.

Strong, Durable & Tear Resistant

Evorie premium cotton Baby dry wipes is thicker, stronger and extra sturdy than standard tissue. Its tear resistant function additionally makes Cleaning simple, efficient and fuss-free.

Highly Absorbent Multipurpose Wipes

Evorie premium cotton Baby dry wipes can be utilized moist or dry, for any functions:

Baby Care – Cleaning Baby throughout mealtimes, wiping sweat and drool, oral wipes and so on.

Personal Care – Prenatal/post-physiological Cleaning, eradicating make-up, beauty use and so on.

General Cleaningsanitizing and Cleaning surfaces with water, sanitizer or any Cleaning resolution, family Cleaning, and so on.

Remark: Evorie premium cotton Baby dry wipes isn’t flushable, please dispose with common garbage.


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