Wet Wipes Manufacturing Process_ How Are Wet Wipes Made(2021)_ A Complete Wet Wipes Production Line.

How are moist wipes made?
What is the entire moist wipes manufacturing course of?
What does a whole moist wipes production line appear to be?
What are the moist wipes machines required for every changing and packaging course of?
You will get a transparent perception from this video.

A full moist wipes production line course of entails the next 4 processes:

(1) Wet Wipes Converting Process
Non-woven roll unwinding → on-line slitting → tissue folding → wetting → tissue stacking into piles

(2) Wet Wipes Packaging Process
Laminates packaging movie roll unwinding → (gap) die chopping → re-sealable sticker labeling → bag forming→ sealing → output product

(3) Wet Wipes Lid Application Process
labeling on lid →gluing →lid pasting

(4) End-of-the-line Packaging Process
Case packing→ palletizing

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