Personification and Objectification in "I Am a Sword" – Adventure Time Analysis

A central theme in the episode “I Am a Sword” is the connection between individuals and objects. This is predominantly explored by constructing on the connection between Finn and his sword (which can also be Finn), however the subject is alluded to in many scenes. The episode presents individuals as objects, and vice versa: objects as individuals. This evaluation video dissects “I’m a Sword” and examines the methods the episode incorporates objectification, objects as identification, personification of objects, and how these ideas reveal particulars about Finn, Finn Sword, Jake, Bandit Princess, and the opposite featured characters comparable to BMO, Science Cat, Spear Bear, Badfoot Money, and Box Prince.

“Tooth Paste” – No More Heroes 2 OST
“Forest of the Treant” – Tales of Symphonia OST
“Moonlight Hall” – Kevin MacLeod
“Ryno’s Rhythm” – Kevin MacLeod
“Destroy Breeze” – No More Heroes 2 OST
““My Best Friends in the World” (Instrumental Arrangement) – John Hernández. Original music composed by Rebecca Sugar and Tim Kiefer.

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