single piece wet wipe wet tissue machine

Main efficiency:
1. Touch display, handy adjustment
2. PLC controller, correct calculation
3. Photoelectric detection, nice precision
4. The size is computerized detected and set, with out handbook
5. Trilateral closure H (pillow sealing)
1. Automatic folding, slicing, wetting and packing.
2. Option with fold kind: Z-fold, in accordance fold (4-8 planes).
3. Wet-wipe molding and packing is the 2 unbiased components, may be operated alone.
4. Automatic dosing, computerized regulating humidity.
Scope of software:
Single piece wet tissue or wet-wipe.
Model HDSJ-2500
Type of movie OPP
Width of roll tissue 120-320mm
Tissue size 160-320mm
Tissue width 30-100mm
Packaging movie thickness 0.018-0.06mm
Max. movie width 230mm
Bag size 90-300mm
Packaging width 30-100mm
Packaging peak ≤35mm
Packing velocity 40-200Bag/min(Depend on packing materials)
machine dimension 5200×2080×2200mm
machine weight 950kg

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